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Global warming: The challenge of carbon capture

5 November 2021

A major challenge for humanity?   The COP21 international climate conference held in 2015 saw, 196 States sign the Paris Agreement, pledging to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and maintain global warming below 2°C by 2050. That goal is ambitious but necessary to ensure our ability to feed a growing population while limiting our impact on the climate.  To achieve...

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The Main Applications of ICTs in African Agriculture

25 October 2019

Web applications, software, robots, drones …, digital is spreading at high speed on the continent, improving the technico-economic performance of the agricultural sector. Will Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) enable Africa to lead its Green Revolution? At the farm level Africa shows the lowest agricultural yields in the world. This...

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Africa, agriculture, digital

Blockchain : the new agricultural revolution ?

30 July 2019

Blockchain is a transparent, immutable and based on trust technology to store and transfer information. It uses the strength of a network rather than the authority of a third party. Dating back from 2009, this technology sees concrete applications in the agricultural and agri-food sector, in search of better economic...

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Apexagri at the France Ghana economic forum!

11 July 2019

Ghanaian time for Apexagri! After conducting a mission for AgDevCo on the Babator Farming Hub, Apexagri took part to the talks on « Agricultural and Agrifood challenges» at the France Ghana economic forum yesterday (10th of July). This events aims at facilitating the dialogue between the private and public sectors in...

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12 December 2017

Morocco benefits from special positioning in Africa making it the ideal gateway for France. On 16 November 2017, French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe reminded France-Morocco Economic Forum delegates at Rabat that “Africa is a land of opportunity and promise, where demographic growth is strong”, while also recalling the many challenges...

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Contractualization in agriculture: Apexagri at FARM symposium

17 October 2017

The Foundation for World Agriculture and Rurality (FARM) is a French non-profit organization aiming at promoting agricultural development of Southern countries. Its experts deal with agricultural policies, sustainable production systems, financing, water management… FARM organizes every year a one day symposium with international actors in order to address important issues...

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