Apexagri on RFI: “Structuring agri-food chains in Africa, with local solutions, and for local people”

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7 Jan 2023

At the beginning of this year 2023, our president Marc Debets was the guest of Bruno Faure on Radio France Internationale (RFI). Very rich exchanges on the challenges the agri-food sector are facing in Africa, supported by radio reports presenting various engaging initiatives in Africa.

RFI presents examples of engaging initiatives in Africa

Among the topics discussed in this program:

  • Adaptation to climate change and preservation of biodiversity
  • Development of sustainable practices: agroecology, agroforestry…
  • Structuring local industries, improving yields and increasing farmers’ income

Engaging initiatives that take us from Algeria to Madagascar, through Benin, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Tunisia or Togo, and that show how much energy and potential there is on the continent.

Food sovereignty: developing agri-food chains locally

Structuring and developing agricultural and food sectors that are both efficient and sustainable, for local populations and by local populations, is essential to meet the major challenges of food sovereignty and the fight against climate change.

This is the meaning of Apexagri’s commitment in Africa and the Middle East, serving farmers, companies, public organizations and governments.

Listen to the programme Eco d’ici, Eco d’Ailleurs, with our president Marc DEBETS