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Creating, developing and optimizing agri-food chains

APEXAGRI delivers targeted, specialist solutions to clients in all chains of the agri-food industry.
Our tailored approach ensures the success of your projects :

  • Advanced agricultural techniques
  • Streamlined cooperation between collaborators
  • Economically viable and competitive projects
  • Adaptability to local contexts

Responding to the needs of every actor in the agri-food industry

Distributors Distributors Investment Funds Investment Funds Processors Processors National / International Institutions National / International Institutions Producers Producers

Our expertise and ethos

We believe that the challenges resulting from global demographic growth can only be overcome by developing sustainable agricultural and food supply chains.

  • Manage the qualitative and quantitative security of supply
  • Build profitable agri-food chains and high-performance local economies
  • Achieve sustainable agricultural development that supports local populations
  • Address issues related to climate change

Our last paper : The keys to successful agricultural entrepreneurship in Africa»

We listened to the African entrepreneurs who are the real stakeholders in this agricultural future.
They shared their occasionally chaotic paths, their successful or most difficult experiences, their fears and their hopes for the future of their projects!

We guarantee our clients

Depth and Diversity of Expertise

Our experts’ highly developed skill-set and diverse fields of expertise ensure clients get the innovative and sustainable solutions they need.

International Reach

Our teams are comprised of internationally qualified professionals from the agricultural and consulting sectors. Favoring a hands-on approach, we endeavor to work onsite with clients wherever they are.

Objective and Targeted Solutions

As a joint venture between an agricultural cooperative and a global consulting firm, APEXAGRI prides itself on offering flexible collaboration options and objective advice tailored to the development strategy of each client.

Expert Partnership Development

As specialists in partnership relations, we ensure streamlined communication and cooperation between industry collaborators.

Our team

The APEXAGRI team is comprised of experienced professionals from the agri-food industry, business consultants specialized in partnership development and international experts who provide on-site consultation as and when required.

All our team members share the same ambition: to develop successful and sustainable agricultural chains.

Notre équipe

Our multicultural teams work in a range of languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, etc.)

  • West and East Africa
  • The Middle East
  • Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia

AnaïsConsultant and project manager
MarikeCommerical Manager
DenisAgri food chains management expert
GillesCrop production & large scale farms expert
YoussefAgronomist and crop productions specialist
InèsBusiness intelligence specialist
LaureSustainable development expert
ShaibuSeeds breeder and crop production specialist
HubertAnimal nutrition expert
WilfridMulti species breeding expert

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