Apexagri Event: agri-food chains development & regenerative agriculture

agri-food, agriculture

2 May 2022

On May 19th, the first on site Apexagri event in over two years will take place. We are pleased to organise a morning debate on the development of agricultural sectors, regenerative agriculture and food sovereignty. These are particularly topical issues for the agricultural sector and non-agricultural sectors whose sourcing depends on agricultural raw materials. Indeed, these sectors have to deal with many current uncertainties: global warming, ecological transition, war in Ukraine, tension on supplies, price increases, etc.

An event organised around two round tables

Two round tables will be organised during this morning debate:

  • Theme 1: “Developing efficient and sustainable agricultural sectors
  • Theme 2: “Regenerative agriculture: the keys to scaling up”.

The topics of these round tables have been selected and co-constructed with our guest speakers. This will allow us to address in depth the major issues that will affect the agricultural world in the decades to come. It is more necessary than ever to address these issues today, as agricultural transitions require a long time to evolve in depth.

The first round table will provide an opportunity to discuss the value chain approach that must be adopted upstream of any agricultural project. The development plan for the meat sector in Chad, on which Apexagri has worked, will be particularly enlightening for this subject. After that, the second round table will be introduced by the presentation of Apexagri’s new white paper.  Indeed, its subject is Regenerative Agriculture: state of the art, issues, inspirational examples, and keys for taking action.

A panel of complementary and high quality speakers

Many speakers were really enthusiastic to participate to this morning debate. We will have the honour of bringing together a complementary panel of high quality professionals, including:

  • Eric CAMPOS, CSR Director of Crédit Agricole and Director of the Grameen Foundation
  • Pascal CHAPOT, Group Director of Sustainable Agriculture Development, Nestlé
  • Michel EDDI, President, IDDRI
  • Stéphane FORMAN, Director of Agriculture, Afalula
  • Sylvie MARTINEL, CSR Director, Nutrition & Santé
  • Yann-Gaël RIO, SVP Sustainable Development & Agriculture, Danone
  • Denis VILLENAVE, New Markets Manager, MAS Seeds

The two round tables will be moderated by Marc DEBETS and Anaïs RIFFIOD, President and Director of Apexagri.

Registration required for this Apexagri event

We invite you to meet us on Thursday 19th May at Nature Urbaine in Paris, from 8.30 am for a welcome coffee. The discussions will start at 9am, with a 30-minute break in the middle of the morning. At the end of the round tables at noon, a cocktail reception will allow the speakers and guests to continue the exchanges in a convivial atmosphere.

Registration required: see the registration link